woensdag 18 februari 2015

maandag 16 februari 2015

Working on a Mam Bow 2 tutorial for programmers

Currently working on a programming tutorial on how Mam Bow 2 was made.
A couple of sections are already done.
If you want to stay update and get notified when a new section comes online follow Norakomi on Facebook or Google+


vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Mam Bow 2 update: improved Gui , switchable left/right handed touch controllers and added level 9 beta

I updated Mam Bow 2 with an improved Graphical User Interface , switchable left/right handed touch controllers and added level 9 beta today.
Version 1.04 should be downloadable from Google Play within a couple of hours...

Have a look & let me know what you think.

Get it on Google Play

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

The Dutch Masters Shuffle Puzzle series will be a development log & LibGDX Game Development tutorial in one.
While we're trying to squeeze some of the greatest art works of the Dutch RijksMuseums into a classical shuffle puzzle for mobile devices you can follow our process, learn how to create shuffle puzzle using LibGDX yourself, help us out and/or see our mistakes.
Introduction section is up on the Norakomi website and I hope to be posting more content over the next couple of days:

Prototyping tools becoming essential

Interesting article on Developer Economics about prototyping tools


donderdag 8 januari 2015

Tutorial AdMob integration for LibGDX Android projects completed

I just finished an extensive step-by-step written online tutorial on how to integrate AdMob in your LibGDX Android projects..
Discussing interstitial ads, banner ads, creating (java) interfaces and adding code to check for WiFi connection and if InterstitialAd is actually loaded.
Plus added a Disquss section to all the pages.


More tutorials - on different subjects - to come...